Through our financial services provider partners, specialising in the financing of all ‘office related’ aspects, we are able to structure the most affordable solution to best suit your immediate needs.

Rental agreements provide clients with the uninterrupted use of the equipment, with the option to either take ownership of the equipment or return the equipment back to the bank at the end of the finance term, subject to certain terms & conditions.

Benefits to rental agreements include:

  • Working capital remains intact as no deposit is required
  • Rentals are not balance sheet items and consequently do not require CAPEX approval
  • Purchase of cutting edge technology is facilitated
  • Initial monthly rental fees can be reduced by applying an annual escalation, supported by the additional turnover generated by equipment acquisition
  • Rental implies not only that cash outflows are minimised, but that they become predictable, thereby enhancing turnover generated by the equipment acquisition
  • Existing credit lines are unaffected, with the monthly rental fee being tax deductible and no more than a small a small percentage of an upfront cash price

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